Want to run for FREE? Join the Renegade Rage Volunteer Team and proctor an obstacle in the morning.  Afterwards, run/walk the course with other volunteers for FREE!  You also get a free T shirt and medal for completing Renegade!

Volunteers are our cheerleaders on the course!  Volunteers, encourage the runners, give directions and suggestions on how to tackle the obstacles, and in the rare incident someone is hurt, you call the medics to come help.  You do not touch the participants, but can guide them and give them encouragement.

The volunteer work shift is from 8am-12:30pm   

The free volunteer run is directly after your shift. 

Volunteers arrive to the base camp at 8am.   You should bring lots of water, sunscreen, food, and shade (hat, umbrella, pop up tent, whatever you need)  Some obstacles HAVE NO SHADE.  Plan for our desert heat!  Also, any other items you feel you will need.   If you want, you can bring a lawn chair.  You will be driven to your obstacle and picked up, so you don’t have to worry about carrying your items to your spot.

The address for Renegade is 2720 W Sagemoor Rd, Pasco.  Google maps will bring you right to us!

If you want to volunteer, please email us at info@renegaderage.com and put VOLUNTEER in the subject line.

In the email please send us :

The names of volunteers

The email address of each volunteer

The ages of each volunteer

T shirt size of each volunteer


1. ELITE 10K

  • 10k Competitive Heat
  • Cash Prizes and Trophy
  • Race Alone or Create/Join a Team
  • Heat starts at 8:00AM


  • 10k Personal Challenge
  • No Penalties
  • Race Alone or Create/Join a Team
  • Choose from Multiple Heat Times


  • 5k To Test Your Grit
  • Finish the 10k if you like!
  • Race Alone or Create/Join a Team
  • Choose from Multiple Heat Times


  • Perfect for Beginners and Kids 8-13
  • Multiple Heats for Family
  • 10AM Heat for Individuals