Sandra found a love of OCR’s (Obstacle Course Racing) after attending her first one in 2012. Ever since, she has had an unstoppable desire to compete. She has traveled to 50 OCR’s across the country to attend the most challenging courses she could find such as Spartan World Championships and the World’s Toughest Mudder, a 24 hour endurance event. Her love of all these travels, adventures and experiences fueled her desire to bring a great OCR to her hometown Tri Cities. She uses her experience from all these numerous and varied events to create the best obstacles for participants of Renegade Rage.

Sandra is a wife and mother of 4 teens, who at 37, started her fitness journey and went through her own process of losing weight, of 50 lbs, through nutrition and exercise while learning to better deal with her Ulcerative Colitis and find the correct eating habits to keep it under control. Now, she enjoys helping others with their own life style change.

She wants to help people realize that personal trainers are there for the beginning gym member just as much as they are for experienced athletes. She understands many people are nervous or too intimidated to seek out a personal trainer. She works with many beginners to teach them how to use the gym and lose weight while doing workouts they enjoy, that are also geared towards their goals. She enjoys the process of learning people’s fitness goals and helping them to accomplish those goals by giving them the push, encouragement and accountability they need.

She believes fitness can be an adventure with the right guide. She enjoys helping you work out in a way that keeps it fun and interesting for you and always is looking for new ways to make that happen in your fitness adventure.

If you are interested in working with Sandra to Conquer your goals, she is available in many locations, and also has a mobile service, where she will come to you. Contact her via email at conquerfitness509@outlook.com or, you can text or call her at (509) 727-1724.


1. ELITE 10K

  • 10k Competitive Heat
  • Cash Prizes and Trophy
  • Race Alone or Create/Join a Team
  • Heat starts at 8:00AM


  • 10k Personal Challenge
  • No Penalties
  • Race Alone or Create/Join a Team
  • Choose from Multiple Heat Times


  • 5k To Test Your Grit
  • Finish the 10k if you like!
  • Race Alone or Create/Join a Team
  • Choose from Multiple Heat Times


$39$99 family of 4
  • Add additional family for $15 per person
  • Perfect for Beginners and Kids 5-13
  • Multiple Heats for Family
  • 10AM Heat for Individuals